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  • May 23 2023: Mr. de Gunzburg is invited to speak at LPGP Connect’s 9th Annual Private Debt Conference in New York which panel will address the “Coming of Age: Private Credit’s Transition into a Mature Asset Class”.
  • January 2023: It is with great sadness that Ambassador Lowenstein, our Senior Advisor and friend has passed away at the age of 96. Having been a star tennis player until the age of 94, we will miss his support, vision, drive, discretion, dynamism, kindess. We acknowledge his loyalty and service to the US as well as to all the causes he supported such as the French-American Foundation. We look up to Jimmy as an iconic gentleman that fought for the greater good, and thank him for everything he did for all of us. Our thoughts and prayers go to his daughter, son, partner, family and friends.
  • Dec 13 2022: Mr. de Gunzburg will be hosted by Private Equity Wire and Hedgeweek to speak at the « Credit Innovation US Summit» in New York.
Ceres - Flyer Vivien de Gunzburg Panel Speaker at Credit Innovation Summit NYC Hosted Private Equity Wire and HedgeWeek - Dec 2022


  • Dec 7-9 2022: Opal invited Mr. de Gunzburg to speak about infrastructure private debt at the « Innovations in Lending, Alternative Financing, Fintech and Private Credit Summit ».
Ceres - Flyer Opal Conference Innovation in Lending ABS - December 2022


  • May 24 & 25 2022: Mr. de Gunzburg will participate to Proximo Infrastructure’s 2022 conference on “Financing America’s Infrastructure” where he will discuss “The Sources of Capital” (Proximo Financing America’s Infrastructure 2022 – Proximo). Mr. de Gunzburg’s panel includes the World leading infrastructure private debt providers such as Metlife, Allianz and Cigna.
Ceres Infrastructure Private Debt Fund - Flyer VG Speaker @ Conference Proximo Infra in Nashville - Financing US Infrastructure - May 24 & 25 2022 copie
Ceres Infrastructure Private Debt Fund - Speakers Conference Proximo Infra - Financing US Infrastructure in Nashville - May 24 - 25 2022


Ceres Infrastructure Private Debt Fund - Flyer VG Speaker @ Conference Private Credit US Leadership Summit NYC - May 5 2022

Ceres Infrastructure Private Debt Fund - Flyer VG Speaker @ LPGP Private Debt Chicago - April 26 2022 copie

  • November 15 2021: President Biden signs the second bipartisan infrastructure bill into law of US$ 1,2 trillion
  • August 11 2021: Mr de Gunzburg participates to the ESG panel from CFA CA’s conference
  • August 9 2021: President Biden bipartisan’s US$ 550 billion infrastructure bill is voted
  • May 5-12 2021: Ceres sponsors and Mr de Gunzburg participates to the infrastructure private debt panel at Proximo infra’s « Financing America’s Infrastructure 2021 conference » with insurance companies Prudential, Allianz and Spanish operator ACS Infrastructure
Ceres - Alternate Financing & Deal Generation Panel @ Financing America's Infrastructure from Proximo Infra - May 12 2021


  • May 5-11 2021


  • January 27-28 2021 : Mr de Gunzburg participates as moderator to the ESG Investments Panel at Opal’s Global ABS & Structure Finance Summit.
Ceres - ESG Investments Panel - Opal's Global ABS & Structure Finance Summit - January 28 2021


  • December 2-3 2020 : Mr de Gunzburg participates to the Debt Panel with GIP, Blackrock and IFM at the Infrastructure Investor New York Summit.
Ceres - Debt Panel - Infrastucture Investor New York Summit - December 2020 copie