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 Dominique Mars

Mr. Mars joined Ceres as a Senior Advisor in May 2022.

Mr. Mars is the Founder & Managing Partner of Mars & CO. which he created in 1979.

Mr. Mars felt it was essential for a strategy consulting firm to guarantee the exclusivity of its services to each client, avoiding the “easy” but conflict-ridden path of building industry practice groups. Mars & Co was founded on this principle, aiming to serve a limited number of clients on an industry-exclusive basis.

Since its inception, Mars & Co’s goals have never changed. Its major “raison d’être” has remained to bring competitive leverage to a very limited number of clients and serve them worldwide on an exclusive basis – the only global consulting firm to guarantee “fidelity”. Mars & Co operates under a strict policy of exclusivity, meaning that we work for only one client in any given industry.

The average market capitalization of the clients of Mars & Co. is approximately US$10 billion. Such firms include French infrastructure water company Suez, Japanese electronic company Sony, etc.

With offices in New York, Greenwhich, San Franciso, Paris, London, Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore, Mars & Co. is the 4th largest consulting firm worldwide.

Mr. Mars & the consultants of Mars & Co. bring strategy as well as operational guidance to Ceres Asset Management LLC as it grows and tackles issues from project generation, client management to structuring.