Géraud de Nadaillac

Mr. de Nadaillac became a Senior Advisor of Findercod in May 2014 where he focused on corporate finance, and became a Senior Advisor of Ceres in 2017.

Mr. de Nadaillac is also currently the CEO of Nadaillac Finance, a French financial advisory company which advises Anglo Saxon financial institutions interested in doing business in France.

Mr. de Nadaillac is also a Senior Partner of Mediation & Finance, whose purpose is to act as a mediator in conflicts involving financial companies.

Until March 2011 Mr. de Nadaillac was Vice Chairman of Royal Bank of Canada Europe Limited (“RBC”), the London based investment bank, with responsibility for developing strategic transactions with major clients and supervising senior client coverage.

Previously, Mr. de Nadaillac was managing Director, Head of Debt Capital Markets Europe and as such ran both the syndicate and the origination groups in London. During that period RBC developed into one of the major players worldwide.

Mr. de Nadaillac joined RBC from Hambros Bank Ltd in 1998, where he was a Director.

Mr. de Nadaillac was Chairman and Chief Executive of Hambros France, Hambros’s subsidiary in Paris from 1992 to 1998. Before that, he was Director, Head of Syndicate of Hambros Bank in London.

From 1979 to 1985 Mr. de Nadaillac was at CCF (Crédit Commercial de France), now part of HSBC group, first in Paris then in London, where he was an International Bond Fund Manager.

Mr. de Nadaillac is married and has 3 children.